Monday, August 28, 2017

Should Children Be Given Their First Cell Phone On Their 8th Birthday???

On their 8th birthday children shouldn’t be given their first cell phone

In my opinion I truly believe that “On their 8th birthday children shouldn't be given their first cell phone. These are my 3 main reasons to support my argument.

I think if the child has a cell phone they can download social media or apps related to social media without their parents knowing. They don't know whether if they are too young to be using apps like social media because remember they only young and 8 years old. Also another reason is if the kid only wants to have a cell phone to play games on it the parent could have it on their phone or their parent could take control of what apps their child downloads on their own cell phone. If the child’s parent only gave them a cell phone to call their parents after school to pick them up or if they're at a friends house and want their parents to pick them up. They could just ask the teacher or the office because most likely they will have their parents cell phone number and friends parent will too. But also by the age of eight the child should start knowing one of their parents cell phone number off by heart because it’s important to know your parent’s cell phone number. Lastly a 8 year old child should be playing sports or outside because that’s what a normal 8 year old child does, they will also become lazy and not do anything if they have a cell phone.

Furthermore, with social media and apps on the child’s phone they could put every single important detail about them on the internet which is not safe because anyone can see it and the details would be very personal to the child without the child knowing it's not really safe.They could put their phone number, home address,what country they live in or even what school they go to. That is definitely not safe because anyone could see what they have put on the internet cause anything you put on the internet means the whole world can see it.
Another important thing is that anything you put on the internet anyone can see it and save it so if you take it off later it’s pretty much still there.

Cyber Bullying
My third and final reason is since children are young at the age of eight and most unlikely don't know what cyber bullying actually is they could get cyber bullied without knowing that they are getting cyberbullied. For a child to get cyberbullied at the age of 8 is quite young because that is a young age to have social media. The internet is not the safest and nicest place because there are mean people on the internet and if the 8 year old child has social media and put pictures or their details on the internet they could get mean comments, messages or even emails. Also the comments, message or emails could have bad language in it like swearing and then the child might learn the bad language and go around saying the bad language. If the child sees the messages or comments they might think it's alright but it’s not and cyber bullying is a serious thing.

Without a doubt I strongly believe that on their 8th birthday, children shouldn’t be given their first cellphone. I hope my 3 main reasons persuaded you to think on the same side of the argument as me and not against me.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why Chilldren Should Not Get Paid Pocket Money For Doing Jobs?

Children Shouldn’t Get Paid Pocket Money For Doing Jobs !

I have wrote a persuasive writing to show that "Children Should Not Get Paid Pocket Money For Doing Jobs. I have decided to share my 3 main reasons why "Children Should Not Get Paid Pocket Money For Doing Jobs, Is because I want to share my side of the argument and I want to persuade you to agree with me and think the same.

I strongly believe that children should not get paid pocket money for doing jobs. Here are my 3 main reasons that support my argument.

Value For Money
Firstly, children need to learn the value of money and that money doesn’t grow on trees and that you need to earn money by doing hard work. When children get older and start earning money they will not learn how to save their money and they might spend it on frivolous things. Children will expect money all the time and think that money is a normal thing.

Family Values
Secondly, another important thing is Family Values.  It's unfair if parents have to give money to their children for doing everyday things like making their beds every day, washing the dishes, cleaning their room etc. Doing all those jobs are a part of being part of a family. If they get paid for doing everyday jobs children will not learn to do those things when they are older and no one will be there to pay them.

Children Are Not Responsible Enough
Lastly, I think that children are not responsible enough to take care of their own money. They might buy inappropriate things like R16 games etc. Children might get in trouble with matters of money with no parent supervision and also the parent might never find out what their child has bought with their own pocket money.

In my opinion, I believe that children should not get pocket money for doing jobs.  Parents, you should remember that you can't show your love to your children by giving them money.  You could spend quality time with your child\children if they have done all their jobs and have been good like going out for ice cream , having a bike ride together etc.  I hope you are persuaded and think the same as me.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

What Did I Do When My Class Went To Camp?

Since I didn't go to camp I will be telling you what I did while my class went to camp. For the first two days I stayed with Mrs Love because she was going with the year 4's for camp and they were going on Wednesday. But when the year 4's went to camp, I stayed with my buddy hub for 3 days. My buddy hub is Room 16\17 and they are year 2's. The teachers of the class are Mrs Hill and Mrs Kelly.

Wednesday 15.3.17
Since they are year 2's and I am a year 6 I had to help them with their learning which I was exited about doing because I felt like a teacher. Also, on that day they were learning about worms so they made worms. First, we put jelly in a cup, then on top of it cream and finally jelly again. Then we put straws in the cup and put it in the fridge to set. Mrs Heibner helped us make them. Well, that's what I did that day.

Thursday 16.3.17
The next day I did the same with helping the kids with their learning. Before that day, we made jelly worms so that was the day we got to eat them. Mrs Heibner first showed us how to squeeze it out of the straw so everyone knew what to.  Everyone pulled out a straw from the cup and then squeezed the straw and out came the jelly worm. I loved eating the jelly worm, it was really yum. My favourite bit was the cream. The cool thing about the jelly worm was that it actually looked like a worm when it came out of the straw.

Friday 17.3.17
On Friday, it was St Patrick's Day, so the teachers decided to something St Patrick days related. So Mrs Kelly decided to have a group making scones but to make it St Patrick's Day, she added green food colouring. I was in Mrs Hill's group and the kid's who didn't want to make scones could make Hairy Maclary Puppets. You could make puppets out of paper bags and paper plates. I decided to make it out of a paper plate. I made muffin McLay.

So that is what I did when my class went to camp, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. See you next time :)

Here is Mrs Heibner showing the kids how to squeeze the jelly worm out!
This is what the cup should look like:)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Penguin Cinquain Poem

                     Penguin 🐧
                  Slimy, Noisy
     Swimming, Waddling, Sliding
      Broken, icebergs, every where

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Mouse Facts

 Mouse Facts 

  1.  Mice are shy
  2. Lots of animals like eating mice like cats,stoats,moreporks and hawks
  3. Mice feel more safe at night because it's dark and animals won't see them
  4. If you keep mice as a pet you have to make sure that there is a hiding spot for them
  5. The best way to pick up a mice is by holding it by the tail gently ,but make sure that you wash your hands afterwards
  6. Mice are little but they need lots of food and they are hungry all the time
  7. Mice have sharp claws for climbing
  8.  Mice are not fussy so they eat anything you give them
  9. If you keep mice as a pet you have to make sure that you change there water every day
  10. Dirty water can make mice sick
  11. You need to make sure that mice get right food to eat 
  12. You can get special food pellets for mice and they are good for there teeth too
  13. Mice also love seeds and raw vegetables 
  14. But if they are not used to eat raw veggies and if you give them to many they can get a tummy ache
  15. Mice have really strong front teeth for nibbling and gnawing wood and stuff  

Who Invented Pizza

 Who Invented Pizza?

On July 11th 1889 Raffaele Esposito created the pizza  Margherita to represent the national colours of italy as on the italy flag.
Raffaele Esposito is from italy he was born in 1854. He was the italian owner of the tavern called pizzeria di in nineteenth century .
The first pizza was really boring so he decided to make yummier and better one that represent the national colours of Italy.  

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